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Dettol’s Mission for Health, projects and initiatives from around the world

For over 80 years Dettol has been protecting the health of families. We work in communities across the globe and with partners to deliver hygiene education that can help keep families healthy.  Whether we’re educating new parents or lending a hand in times of disaster, we’re committed to doing more for health. Read more about our CSR programs below.

Nigeria New Mums Hospital Programme

New Mums Hospital Programme

Dettol reaches over 10 million new mums around the world to teach new mums about the basics of hygiene to protect her new-born child and family.

Nigeria School Hygiene 740X400

School Hygiene Programme

The simple act of washing hands with soap could save many thousands of lives; our school programme for young children makes learning about germs and bacteria fun.


Disaster Relief

Natural and man-made disasters can impact entire community’s health, learn about how Dettol, RB and our partners help when disaster strikes.

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