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Nigeria Healthy Hands

Hand hygiene tips to protect your family from harmful germs

Every day our hands pick up all sorts of bugs and whilst it sounds simple, good hand hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria and protect you and your family from illness.

Discover more about hand washing technique and the importance of hand washing to your health.

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How to wash your hands

You’ve been washing your hands all your life – but have you been doing it correctly? Good hand washing technique is critical to make sure you are protecting yourself and others from the spread of harmful germs. Find out how you should be washing your hands with our simple guide.


Hand wash advice

Hand washing with soap is one of the most important and simple hygiene steps to prevent the spread of infection. Yet people make up lots of reasons for not washing their hands. Read on to discover some of the most common excuses and why they are incorrect

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Did you know?

That in the right conditions, bacteria colonies can double every 20 minutes so in 7 hours, one bacterium can become 2 million bacteria cells.

Toddlers Guide To Handwashing 332

Toddlers guide to handwashing

Teaching your toddler the correct hand washing technique, and other hygiene tips brought to you by Dettol can help keep your whole family healthy!


Food Safety

Avoid a bout of food poisoning with our simple guide to kitchen hygiene. Just remember the Four Cs: Cross Contamination, Cleaning, Cooking and Chilling.

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