Multi Purpos Cleaners3 Floor2 (2)

Still cleaning your floors and kitchen tops with detergents and bleach?

Make your floors and kitchen top Dettol clean with the revolution in cleaning, suitable for all surfaces: wood, tile, cement you name it

Dettol multi-surface cleaner gives 10X better cleaning & germ kill vs bleach and detergents with long lasting fragrance.

With Dettol multi-surface cleaner,

Clean + germ free surfaces = More Savings

Save 33.50 everyday using Dettol multi-surface cleaner



Detergent(20-30g) 30.00 -
Bleach Sachet 30.00 -
Local liquid
fragrance (20ml use)
16.00 -
2 capfuls of Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner - 42.50
TOTAL () 76.00 42.50
Weekly Cost 456.00 252.00
Monthly Cost 1,824.00 1,008.00
Annual Cost 21,888.00   12,096.00


Multi Purpos Cleaners3 Bottle Bttn