new mums hospital programme

Having a new baby is an immensely rewarding and an exciting time for new mums, which also comes with a tremendous responsibility of caring for this bundle of joy. At this time, protecting a new baby from illness and infection becomes more important than ever, after all, new-borns are particularly vulnerable as their immune system is not yet fully developed. 

One of Dettol's succesful story over it's 50 years existence in Nigeria is protecting mothers and their young ones against germs.  This Dettol took further to reach new mums every year since 2009 and educate them on not just good hygiene practices but also on their health and safety during pregnancy and after child birth. For 5 years we have reached 4 million new mums in Nigeria.

Since 2009, we have worked with 600 nurses and health administrators across Nigeria to reach out to new mums and also educate them on healthy hygiene practices for both them, their unborn and their family as a whole.

Our aim is to support new Mums, to help them keep their families healthy and teach them how some small interventions can be hugely health-giving and provide protection to all in their family.

At Dettol we passionately believe in the power of hygiene education, it goes to the very core of who we are, because it helps protect families from illness and helps to give new babies a healthy start to life.