Home Cleaning Tips For Every Nigerian Family

In Nigeria, our environment and weather create many concerns that make home cleaning even more of a challenge.

For example, during the rainy season, you battle with mud marks on the floors or crawling animals, and growing mold in wet places. The harmattan season brings steady dust to settle on every surface possible, it also comes with intense heat and sweating making personal cleaning to be needed more frequently. We know, home cleaning is a huge task in every home and requires everyone to be involved. Take better control of your home cleaning with these helpful tips.



1. Assign tasks, involve the entire family in home cleaning. This will ensure that cleaning is done faster and more frequently.

2. It is important to disinfect your cleaning tools, for example, your dishwashing sponge, toilet brush and cleaning towels, with hot water and Dettol antiseptic liquid.

3. Ensure every room in the house including the toilet and kitchen is kept dry by allowing ventilation and arranging items to make for enough space.


4. It should be a rule to keep shoes worn out outside the house during the rainy season to keep bacteria away. Place a shoe rack at the entrance for wet shoes to be dried or cleaned up before they come in.

5. Be sure to add disinfectant to your mopping solution and remember to wash and disinfect your mop regularly.

6. Your carpet and rugs should always be kept dry always to prevent it from smelling or molds from growing. It is also important to wash them regularly.


7. Prevent dust from settling within the house by using heavy window blinds as well as cleaning surfaces frequently.

8. Avoid cleaning your glass window on sunny days, the cleaning liquid dries up faster leaving stains behind.


9. Surfaces, where food is prepared or eaten, should be disinfected regularly.

10. Make a house rule for dishes to be washed as soon as they are used. This will ensure prevent the spread of bacteria.

11. Clean the cupboards regularly and do not tolerate cockroaches.