Dettol protects from up to 100 illness causing germs

Do you know that you and your loved ones come in contact with millions of germs every day? From door handles, to kitchen slabs, nooks and corners, keyboards, remote controls and even money?

Germs are every where. They are easily contracted from one person to another. You contact them from the play field, the market place or the office, and they unfortunately journey with you home into your family spaces, increasing the risk of transferring dangerous illness causing germs to your loved ones.

Dettol range protects you and your family from dangerous germs that cause illness like diarrhoea, skin infection, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, burn infection, wound infection, typhoid, fever, gastroenteritis, dysentery, respiratory disease, meningitis amongst many others.

Dettol protects from up to 100 illness causing germs and the range includes; Bar soaps (Dettol Original, Dettol Skincare, Dettol Cool, Dettol Re-energize, Dettol Herbal & Dettol Active Deo), Antiseptic liquid, Liquid Hand Wash, Hand sanitizer and Skin Jelly.

Have your bath daily with Dettol to protect your self from 100 illness causing germs

Dettol skin jelly provides you with smooth healthy skin everyday while locking in moisture and locking out germs.

Always ensure you wash your hands regularly during the day with Dettol soap or Dettol liquid hand wash.

In situations where there is no access to water, hand sanitizers can be used.

During harmattan protect yourself and loved ones with Dettol Skin jelly which locks in moisture and locks out germs.