How to Maintain Pets and Hygiene at Home

Does your furry little dog or cute cat pet pose a hygiene risk in your home? The answer is yes.

But this is majorly because they are likely to pick up bacteria and other germs while they play and run around outside or chew on anything they find interesting.

Pets can carry bacteria in their fur, under their claws or in their mouths and paws, which can eventually get spread within the house. So what do you do to ensure pet hygiene in your home?

 10 Tips To Maintain Pets and Hygiene in Your Home

  1. Treat your Cats and dogs for fleas regularly as well as intestinal worms and parasites. 
  2. Keep their claws trimmed to reduce the risk of scratches
  3. Wash your hands after playing with pets or touching their toys, cages, etc. 
  4. Encourage your family to wash hands before preparing and serving food or eating, especially if they have been in contact with pets.
  5. Your pets should own a personal feeding bowl and exclusive pet-food serving utensils which should be stored separately. 
  6. Regularly clean and disinfect your pet’s feeding bowl and utensils 
  7. Do not allow pets to climb on kitchen surfaces where food is prepared or served.
  8. Wipe surfaces around the house regularly, with an antibacterial product before preparing and serving food.
  9. Use a laundry sanitizer to eliminate germs when cleaning your pet’s item, for example, his bedding.
  10. If your pets sleep on you or your kid’s bed, make sure you wash and sanitise the bed linens regularly