What You Should Remember When Sanitising Baby Clothes

Throughout the day, from one activity to another, like spilling milk or food, burping or cleaning their noses, there is an increasing build-up of bacteria on your infant’s clothing.

This is why sanitising baby clothes should be more than mere washing with detergent. Here are a few tips to guide you:

Tips for Sanitising Baby Clothes

  1. Read the garment care instruction tagged to the clothes before washing.
  2. Ensure you wash and sanitise your baby’s clothes before first use.
  3. Use mild products that are formulated for sensitive skin to avoid irritation of your child’s skin. 
  4. It’s better to wash stained items as soon as possible, the earlier stained are treated, the easier it will be to remove.
  5. Wash clothes in separate categories. For example, clothes contaminated by pee, poop or vomit should be washed separately from less dirty items.
  6. With exception to the garment that comes with specific laundry instructions, washing baby clothes with hot water can help kill germs.
  7. Washed clothes should not be left damp, but be dried in the sun and in the open air as soon as possible to avoid germs multiplying.

Dip clothes in a bucket of water containing liquid disinfectant before washing with detergent. This will kill the bacteria.