Tips to enjoy street food and keep germs at bay

If someone tells you that they are not a foodie, trust me they are lying through their teeth. They love food irrespective it is served on a silver platter in a swanky restaurant or a paper plate on a road side shack. Road side food is a major calling for foodies as it offers a plethora of food items at a nominal price.

However, street food consumptions are generally followed by lot of paranoia regarding the hygiene, oil, water, and the bacteria and germs lurking around in the corner. But, don’t fret, as we have come up with certain tips for eating out that will keep you safe while you hog on the street food in Nigeria.

  • Find the most famous place – Every part of the country has a renowned street food stall that is adored and publicized by everyone. Ask the locals and find it. If you see a long line with people swarming around the stall, rest assured knowing that the food is trustworthy and they are making it fresh.
  • Stick to vegetarian food – Meat and street food gives birth to lot of alarming questions like, from when this meat has been kept outside? Is the meat bought from a hygienic store? Answers to such questions are impossible to decipher. So, it is always better to be safe than worry and stick to vegetarian food. It is not a fool-proof idea but your chances of getting sick are comparatively less.
  • Let cleanliness be the judge – If your stall is using filthy old knife and a dirty cutting board, you should instantly refrain from eating there. This decision is purely based on your judgement, observation, and logic
  • Stay away from street drinks that is not hot – As water at the stalls are not boiled, there are high chances that it might be unhygienic. Moreover, the ice used for serving cold drinks might not be made from clear water.
  • Hand hygiene on the go – We don’t need to even stress on the importance of carrying hygienic products. You generally are not afforded with a wash basin or finger bowl when you are a stall on the sidewalk. In situations like these, Dettol hand sanitizers  can be very useful if you are someone who finds it difficult to keep your hands of street food.