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Dettol New Moms Program

Dettol’s approach to educating and informing new mothers on healthy hygiene practices which keeps them and their unborn children safe during pregnancy and after childbirth.

The arrival of a new baby is an extremely fulfilling and exciting experience for new mothers; however, it can also be a very overwhelming and anxiety-filled experience, having the responsibility of keeping the baby safe.  

The early months after birth, in the time when the newborn’s immune system is not yet fully developed, it becomes critical that the baby is protected and sanitized against illnesses and infections.  

For a new mother it is important to stay informed and educated about how to care for the little one. 

That is why since 2013, Dettol has worked with nurses and health administrators in hospitals across Nigeria, to reach out to new mothers and educate them on healthy hygiene practices. These practices will help keep them and their unborn children safe during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

The ultimate aim is to support new mothers and Dettol does this by teaching them how small and practical interventions can make a huge difference in helping them keep their babies safe and their families healthy. 

The New Moms Program, through which Dettol has educated over five million pregnant and new mothers on hygienic practices, has been very helpful in protecting them during the different phases of their pregnancies. 


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