Hygiene Checklist for Every Mother and Baby

While hygiene should be an important part of every person’s lifestyle, it is even much more needful for every mother and baby.

During the early years of nursing, mother and baby interact very closely and this is why the level of hygiene a mother observes certainly affects her more vulnerable newborn child. To help your baby stay healthy, here is a checklist of how to keep hygienic between you and your baby.

Hygiene Tips for Mother and Baby 

  • Regularly sterilise all baby toys as well as feeding products and breast pump.
  • Sanitize your home routinely, with great attention to your baby’s nursery
  • Ensure all visitors wash and sanitize their hands before touching your baby
  • Keep your nipples clean and dry for your breastfeeding child and wear clothing that allows circulation of air.
  • Change your nursing bra every day and ensure to keep them clean and sanitized.
  • Wash hands before breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby
  • Wash your hands after changing your baby’s diaper and after cleaning vomit or mucus
  • Ensure your hands and clothes are clean before carrying your baby
  • Take necessary caution to keep your child protected when someone at home is sick
  • Keep pets away from the baby until he or she is much older
  • Keep kitchen surfaces, floors and tables clean
  • Mother and baby should stay clean and fresh with regular bath routine.