Basic Toddler Care Tips You Need

Parenting toddlers can be demanding, but our list of basic tips for toddler care may be able to help.

At age 1 to 3, your toddler is fully active, growing fast, spends his/her day exploring his/her surroundings and tries to do things independently even though imperfectly. As a parent, you may find yourself having to catch up with your little one’s energy, pulling her from hazardous situations and correcting childish misbehaviour. Let’s help you cut down the stress with these helpful toddler care tips.

Join The Party

It’s easy to become tough on your kid, in a loving attempt to maintain discipline, but one toddler care advice you need to learn early is loosening up and coming down to your young one’s level. Learn to play with your toddler, share in his/her excitement. In fact, the best way to engage your toddler in regular activities like bathing, getting dressed or learning is to make it fun!

Baby-Proof Your Home

 Your toddler needs a safe space to improve his/her motor skills as well as enjoy his growing independence. This is why you must ensure that in every room in your home, harmful objects like knives, scissors, cleaning products, and electrical appliances are stored away from the reach of your active youngster. 

Guard Against Germs

Not only does your little hardly stand still, but she also loves picking things with her hands and placing them in her mouth. This makes it necessary for your home to be a hygienic space. An important toddler care rule is to sanitize the floors and surfaces in your homes and even sterilize your child’s toys and clothing. Also, ensure your child’s food and cutlery is stored hygienically and watch what they touch or put in their mouth. 

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