Four House Rules to Maintain General Cleanliness at Home

The general cleanliness of your environment is the first indicator of the level of hygiene you are maintaining.

The daily chores of sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning and washing are what contribute to ensuring your home is clean and protected from bacteria. However, it is also important to lay down certain house rules that ensures that everyone is hygiene conscious.

Four House Rules for General Cleanliness

1. Replace Bed Sheets Regularly

Over time, the build-up of saliva, dust, dead skin cells, oils from the skin can make your bed sheets a place for bacteria to thrive, encouraging the spread of germs within your home. Ensuring bed sheets are washed regularly can greatly contribute to the general cleanliness in your home.

2. Clean the Kitchen After Every Meal

Food is prepared in the kitchen, making it a central place in the home to maintain proper hygiene. This makes it important to clean up cooking utensils and dishes after a meal has been prepared. Leaving dirty dishes only encourages the spread of bacteria. 

3. Spills and Messes Should Be Cleaned Immediately

It is important to have food spills, broken items, dirty or used items properly cleaned and disposed of as quickly as possible. Leaving a pile of rubbish or unattended mess within the house is unhygienic and can spread diseases while leaving your home with a foul odour.

4. No Shoes in the House

Your shoes pick up many things as you walk about, from the soil, debris, animal droppings, mud, etc. Wearing your outdoor shoes within the house creates an avenue for bacteria to spread within the house and also contribute to how fast the floors within the house get dirty.

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